Chiquita Pink ribbon
Chiquita Pink ribbon

Chiquita wears Pink

Corporate News
09 paź 2017

100 million bananas in bright pink? In the 2nd half of October, yes. Chiquita bananas will get a distinctive pink sticker. The campaign is initiated for Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October and will bring the important topic of breast cancer in the public´s focus.

As of the second half of October, 100 million Chiquita bananas worldwide will wear a special pink-colored sticker. The goal is to draw attention to a sensitive topic that affects everyone – not only in October. With millions of new cases each year, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide.

Screening is key for early detection, and reduces the chances from dying from breast cancer. Ask your doctor what’s right for you

As one of the most popular fruits worldwide, the banana is a faithful companion of young and old and is being consumed in the most various forms nearly every day. The reason for Chiquita to create a bigger action: Chiquita is represented in almost every household's fruit basket. This is a great way to draw attention to breast cancer. Chiquita wants to leverage its high range in the trade in the service for a good cause.